Bi-Cultural Enterprise

PPR provides deep knowledge, understanding, and support of bi-cultural needs. Not just from a Spanish language standpoint, but also from a cultural perspective. 

Your ability to successfully communicate and lead your Hispanic workforce is a valuable priority and our team has a proven track record of successfully bridging the communication gap.

Our bilingual and bi-cultural experts provide a specialized combination of cultural knowledge and Spanish support in all HR functions. This includes employee relations, translations of policies, employee handbooks and procedures, employee meetings to include open enrollment, organizational development, strategic planning and development, change management, employment compliance, organizational development, and recruiting.


Our hands-on knowledge with Hispanic based companies and workforce has supported clients in three critical areas

For non-Spanish speaking employers

The ability to bridge the cultural gap and build better communication/ management practices with Spanish-speaking only employees.


This results in increased morale, and more productive/better understood personnel – making them feel part of their respective organizations.

Hispanic owned Corporations

Support to Hispanic owned corporations to understand cultural differences and establish HR functions that are compliant and strategic for best practices and growth.

Talent Acquisition

High-level placement of Spanish speaking professionals.

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