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Now's the Time to Start Preparing for Payroll Year-End

By: Chalyse Mendoza

As the end of the year quickly approaches, now is a great time to ensure your payroll team is prepared for year-end. Here are a few key items to consider to help you prepare for a successful close to 2018:

  • Remind employees to check their name, address & social security number to confirm this information is listed correctly. Missing or incorrect social security numbers or employee names on a W-2 can result in IRS penalties, while as incorrect address can cause delivery delays.

  • Prepare for annual ACA reporting, if applicable.

  • Prepare to process any year-end W-2 adjustments, such as:

    • Third-party Sick Pay Payments

    • Employer-paid Group Term Life insurance in excess of $50,000

    • Taxable Fringe Benefits

  • Verify whether any manual or voided checks processed outside of payroll need to be recorded in payroll for W-2 purposes.

  • Ensure the aggregate cost of employer-provided benefits is recorded for W-2 purposes (this is required for employers that filed 250 or more W-2’s in the prior year).

  • Spot check W-2 and 1094/1095 previews for accuracy before forms are finalized.

  • Verify how paid time off accruals will reset to confirm policies are setup correctly for the new year.

  • Ensure all benefit deductions are setup correctly for the new year.

  • Check state unemployment rates to confirm whether any updates are required for the new year.

We all know year-end can be a busy time. Getting a head start on your payroll year-end process can help eliminate potential mistakes and ensure your year-end process runs smoothly.

A Collaborative Approach to Discipline

By: Kathy Bennett

In a strong vibrant culture, using punishment as a way to develop and nurture employees is troublesome. You want employees who are self-disciplined for excellence, not punished into compliance. A few simple steps to develop employees:

  • Build commitment from the employee to improve behavior and performance.

  • Treat employees as valued partners, maintain a culture of mutual respect and reinforce employees to accept accountability.

  • While documentation is necessary, don’t make it the focus of the conversation. You are here to coach and encourage.

  • Stop unpaid suspensions. Instead, use a one-day, paid, decision-making day, to turn the focus from what the organization is doing to what the employee is going to do to show that he or she wants to be a contributing member of the team.

Ending the Year Strong: Don't Wait for the New Year

By: Andrew McMillan

When it comes to the end of the year, it is easy for members of your team to begin to relax. With so many holidays between now and the new year your employees are out of the office, celebrating, and enjoying the time away. As a leader in an organization it's up to you to set a positive example to finish the year strong and set the pace for the new year. Here are some quick tips – The Triple E’s – for setting a positive example:

  1. Engage – by engaging your workforce, you are instilling accountability and ownership in projects they take on. You can engage them by asking questions, delegating work, requesting their feedback, or just including them in a particular part of a project.

  2. Expect – having expectations when the days are flying by so quickly is not a bad thing. When expectations for the last quarter are laid out clearly, it allows the team to remain locked-in to ensure they meet those expectations (don’t forget to set expectations for yourself as well).

  3. Express – it's unavoidable, employees begin to wear down by the end of the year; therefore, it is important to express gratitude towards your team. You can do this by saying ‘Thank You’, organizing a small team celebration, or hand-writing personalized thank you notes to your team.

All-in-all, why wait for the new year to encourage your team to work hard when there is still time in this year?

If you need assistance or guidance in keeping your team motivated, our team of experts would love to help you. Reach out to us via our website:

Halloween Fun: Workplace Horror Stories

When you have a strong team, work flows smoothly and problems are addressed in quick order. Unfortunately, there are times when your co-workers remind you that the real-life experience of going to work offers plenty of scares – no ghosts or goblins necessary. Paylocity asked Facebook users to share their tales involving co-workers whose bizarre and unprofessional behavior made the fact that they had jobs stranger than fiction. Read the stories here!

Many of these situations could have been avoided or addressed by an effective HR team. Don't let employees terrorize your workplace! If you have a problem employee and just don't know how to escape, let us know. 

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Cindy Wall is a Human Resources professional with over 20 years of HR, Recruitment, and Talent Management experience. Her expertise includes Employee Relations Counseling, Employee Recruitment & Retention, Strategic Planning, Compliance and HR Policy Development & Implementation.

Cindy's career has been peppered with work in different for-profit and non-profit industries ranging from the financial and educational services and legal industries to telecommunications, engineering and the mortgage industry.

Cindy is an active member of SHRM and has her SPHR (since 2005) and SHRM-SCP (since 2015) certifications. Cindy enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband, daughter and their two dogs. She is originally from New England, so she is a big fan of all New England sports teams – especially the Patriots and Red Sox!

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